Interesting Integers

So, now you are studying integers. It all seems pretty confusing and abstract (a word in this sentence that means you can only understand the concept in your mind). What does it have to do with the REAL world anyway? Well, a lot more than you think! Are you ready to find out?

Through this series of activities, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the connection between negative numbers and the real world?
  • What rules exist for adding and subtracting integers?
  • How can I prove to myself that these rules are true?

Activity 1 - Find examples of real life uses of integers.

Your job will be to visit these sites to find examples of real life uses of integers, particularly the addition and subtraction of negative numbers. Before you go to the sites, print this graphic organizer.


Activiy 2 - How can you show the rules for adding and subtracting integers are true? You will be investigating sites and looking at activities that will help you practice and remember rules for adding and subtracting integers. These activities will help you understand why these rules are true.

Group One: You will be doing the Large Number Line Activity with your teacher or you will be viewing the Interesting Integers PowerPoint Presentation. If you are viewing "Interesting Integers", use this guide as you work.

Group Two: You will download one of the three Subtracting Integers Counter Activities.

Group Three: You will research sites which you believe best explain the process of adding and subtracting integers, particularly negative integers. You need to visit and rate at least four sites. Use one Evaluation Sheet for each site.


Activity 3 - Twenty -five

Form groups of 2 or more players. Read the instructions to learn how to play Twenty-Five.


Homework: Your homework will be to make a one page flyer about the use of integers in the real world. Be sure to print the Rubric, so you know what you need to include.


Homework: For homework, you need to write about what you have learned. Write the rules you have learned for adding and subtracting integers in your own words. Give a numeric example for each rule. Then state which rule is the most difficult for you to remember and why it is difficult for you. Use 1-2-2-2-4 PowerWriting to guide your response. Click here to get directions for the PowerWriting part.