Early Virginia History Fourth Grade
Word Bank

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   1607      corn      disease      drinking water      England      English      friendly      invaders      Jamestown      Pocahontas      Powhatan      raw materials      starvation      tobacco      trade      Virginia Company      wealth and power   

Some European countries, including , were in competition to increase their by expanding their empires to America. England hoped to find gold and silver in the new land. An American settlement would furnish that could not be grown in England, while opening new markets for . The stockholders of the financed the settlement of . In Jamestown became the first permanent settlement in North America.

The tribe was native to the area where the settlers landed. The chief's daughter, , was the un-official ambassador between the settlers and the natives. The Powhatans taught the settlers many things, including how to grow and . The settlers introduced gunpowder,guns and other tools to the natives. At first, the relationship between the settlers and the natives was , but as time passed the natives began to see the settlers as who would take over their land.

Many hardships faced the new settlers. The site they chose was marshy and lacked safe . Captian John Smith returned to England for supplies. When he returned to the settlement he discovered that many of the first settlers died of and . He instituted a forced work program and emphasized self-sustaining agriculture which ensured the colony's survival.