Government in the New World VS.3b,c,d,e

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   1607      1620      adult men      Africans      burgesses      burgesses      citizen      elected      England      five      House of Burgesses      indentured servants      James River      legislative      passage      settlement      settlers      seven      slaves      tobacco      Virginia Company of London      Virginia General Assembly      women   

When the settlers arrived in , Jamestown was located on a narrow peninsula bordered on three sides by the . Today, Jamestown is located on an island in the James River. The King of granted charters to the , which gave them the right to establish a in North America. The first charter of the Virginia Company established companies to begin colonization of the New World. The charters also guaranteed that any person who agreed to travel to the new world would have the same rights afforded to all English citizens.

By 1619, a system of representative government had been set up in Virginia. The colony had a governor, who was appointed by the King's representative, and an Assembly, which was made up of two representatives called . The came from each of the divisions of Virginia. The assembly also included the governor's council. At that time, only were considered citizens, and as such, women were not allowed to participate in government. The Virginia House of Burgesses was the first legislative body in America. Having an elected body, such as the gave the an opportunity to control their own government.
The arrival of in made it possible for the settlers to establish families and a more permanent settlement at Jamestown. were brought to the new colony against their will. It is believed that they were baptized as Christians and therefore were labeled as for a period of to years. Indentured servants were different from in that after they worked for a period of years to pay for their to the new world, they were free to live on their own. The arrival of Africans made it possible to expand the economy.

By the 1640's, the House of Burgesses became a separate body called the Virginia House of Burgesses. The House of Burgesses was the model for today's .